Call Center Insourcing

Call Center Insourcing offers a wide range of services. An onsite manager complements your company’s management team so they can focus on the core business, rather than handling the next HR issue.:

Payroll Services

JCE relieves you of your payroll responsibility and liability including paychecks, tax preparation and all of the little details. Payroll processing means a lot more than just signing checks. JCE takes these responsibilities, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Recruiting Services

We provide an array of solutions to our customers around the world. Our complete service offering helps our clients acquire, serve, retain and grow relationships with their customers. We simply listen to our customers, create a winning plan together and solve our customer;s most pressing problems.

Human Resources

We have the experience and resources to provide the HR power you need, without you worrying about hiring additional staff. Our HR experts know the federal and state laws that impact you and can help you put policies and procedures in place to keep your workplace compliant safe for your employees.

Employment Benefits

Employment Benefits are a great tool to attract and retain the most qualified employees, JCE provides many employee benefit programs that your employees desire. We take care of the complete benefit administration including open enrollment and payroll deductions.

Recruitment Process Management

RPM is a form of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) when an employer outsources or transfers all or part of the staffing process to an external provider, a true total RPM solution involves the outsourcing of the entire recruiting function or process to an external service provider.



John Cage is the President and CEO of John Cage Enterprises, Inc. With over 25 years of Staffing and Sourcing experience, John has mastered the art of Staffing and Sourcing. John holds several certifications and is constantly seeking new, faster, better, cheaper ways to source. John holds certifications from the following certifying bodies: An accomplishment leader recognized for his strength in developing delivering and sustaining business-to-business success. Exceptional communicator with a consultative sales and exceptional leadership skills. Extensive experience in developing long-term business relationships in specific business verticals. Dynamic team building skills with the ability to drive peak individual performance from the team members. Expert in all phases of sales development cycles from prospecting and cold calling through proposal preparation, detailed high-caliber presentations, negotiations to closing and follow-up activities.

Personal Info

  •   813-482-3098
  •  Wentzville, MO
  •   johnc@johncage-ent.com.


I have worked with JCE for over two years, working as a hiring manager in a large corporation. I have been impressed by the skill and professionalism of the JCE staff.

Hiring Manager Fortune 500 Company
JCE represented me in my first career search, I was apprehensive and hesitant of entering this new endeavor, however the JCE staff made the transition very easy for me.

First Time Job Seeker
We have worked in partnership with JCE for two years. During that time, the permanent hires we received from JCE have been great. Their hiring process is above and beyond any of their competitors

Staffing Partner
JCE provided us with a great pipeline of candidates who we can use both now and in the future, they also provided us with a free “Hiring Manager” portal that we could use to manage those active candidates.

Customer Fortune 500 Company